Tool Assembly

In this step you will assemble the tools you desire for your Index build.

At the moment we support two sets of tools: A Placement Head and a Paste Dispensing Head (coming soon).

Necessary Components

  • Placement Head:
  • 1x NEMA11 Motor
  • 4x M2.5x8mm Screws
  • 1x Pneumatic Fitting (6mm OD Tube and M5 Thread)
  • 1x CP40 Nozzle Holder


Depending on the tools you intend to have on your Index, follow the appropriate instructions below.

Placement head

  1. Attach the Pneumatic fitting and the CP40 Nozzle Holder to the NEMA11 motor
  2. Use four M2.5x8mm screws to attach the NEMA11 Motor with the shaft facing down.