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What is Index?

Index is an open source Pick and Place (PnP) machine being developed by Stephen Hawes. The Index is designed to be low cost and be controlled by OpenPnP.

What you’ll build

This tutorial will take you through the build of the Index Pick and Place machine from parts to an assembled frame with the electronics installed.

Your final Index will be ready for connection to OpenPnP. It will look similar to the following:

A completed index

What you’ll learn

  • How to prepare and assemble the frame and gantries of the Index
  • How to assemble the motion system of the Index
  • How to connect and install the electronic components of the Index
  • How to connect Index to OpenPnP

This guide is focused on assembling an Index and getting to being able to run your first job. Certain configuration details may be glossed over and simply provided to copy and paste.

Mechanical Assembly

Assembling the frame of the Index PNP

Electrical Assembly

Wire your mobo, etc.

OpenPNP Setup

Connect your Index to OpenPNP and configure it.


Section containing reference documentation.